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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  April 7, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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strong play. scored 29 on the game. he was the lone bright spot. indiana scored 75 points in the first half. ever heard of defense, wizards? and they cruise to victory 136- 112. fight of the night, magic and bob cats. here we go. quinton richardson playing hard- nosed defense on gerald henderson and things get physical. lots of pushing. richardson takes exception and hits henderson in the face. that is always a no-no. richardson would be ejected. it looks like orlando won the fight and the game 111-102. plenty ahead. fox 5 morning news continues right now. straight up 5:00 right now as you take a look at the washington monument front and center. thursday morning now. april7, 2011. could be the nice of the day of the week. good morning.
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thank you for being with us. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm maureen umeh. welcome to fox 5 morning news. let's get a check of that nice weather that we are already experiencing. so nice to wake up to something that is not shivering cold. >> yes, isn'tgood? we think we may be done with our lows in the 30s. let's hope. >> yeah, i think we're done with that. we've got a couple of clouds here and there. the temperatures vary. it is 49 in wash. 46 up in baltimore. fredericksburg, 58 down there. 56 in ocean city. we have a couple of clouds but nothing in the way of precipitation. today will be a dry day until we get into the late nighttime hours and then we could see some shower activity. for today, we'll see a good amount of sunshine. there is not much happening. there is a weak cold front up to the north but that will have a minimal impact on us aside from these disparities in the
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early morning temperatures. forecast for today, partly sunny skies. a mild afternoon, look for your highs in the upper 60s to around 70 degrees, not bad at all. more details on the forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> let's get a quick check of the roads now with julie wright. >> good morning. it is looking good out there. no problems reported. we even popped up the camera if you were traveling northbound on i-95 to show you that the ride coming northbound out of newington and springfield is still at speed headed out towards 395. overnight roadwork cleared if you are traveling on 66. we'll pop up that camera for you right now. we had two right lane overnight closed off because of construction. all of that gone. they are in the process of clearing that roadwork from the beltway near the hot lane zones over near 66. overnight, it was shut down due to construction. all traffic is being diverted onto 66 looping your way around to nutley street to get onto the beltway. that construction scheduled to be cleared by 5:00 a.m. the pace is good as you continue up towards the 14th street bridge. light volume in the main line as well as over in the hovs and
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if you are traveling out of montgomery county southbound along 270, leaving 109, at speed headed past the truck scales and out towards clarksburg. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. our top story, the possible shutdown of the government tomorrow night. president obama says he is still confident the shutdown could be avoided. he met late last night with the top two leaders in congress and said negotiations would go all night long. >> my expectation is that folks are going to work through the night. in the morning, i will check in with the respective staffs of the speaker and the majority leader as well as my team here. if we haven't made progress, we're going to go back at it again and we're going to keep on pounding away at this thing because i'm absolutely convinced that we can get this done. >> we've had a long meeting
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with the president. it was very honest. we've narrowed the issues significantly and we're going to continued working. our staffs are going to work through night. the speak are and i will get back together tomorrow morning and see how they did and continue. i have confidence we can get this done p -- get this done. we're not there yet. >> we do have some honest differences but i do think we made some progress. there is no agreement on a number and no agreement on the policy. >> if both sides cannot ruche a deal by midnight tomorrow, the government will shut down. the negotiators are still at it this morning. >> but time is quickly running out to avoid the deadline so let's get more now from fox 5's sarah simmons. she is live on capitol hill. >> reporter: you heard the speaker of the house right there, john boehner, say that honest differences still remain
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here. he did call the meeting productive. democrats are not at all happy with this continuing resolution that the republicans today say they're going to push forward on. friday is d-day. no budget, no jobs for nonessential federal workers. they will be with no pay after friday until lawmaker can overcome the budget impasse. >> i'm a nonessential. >> so you won't get paid if there is a shutdown. >> no. >> how worried are you? >> i'm kind of worried. this is kind of scary. >> reporter: these are people with families to support. food, rent and mortgage. >> no paycheck -- i have bills to pay and i hope the government doesn't shut down. >> reporter: essential workers, law enforcement, the military will keep working but won't be paid until after the shutdown ends. >> you show up every day, doing
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your job, you count that money, you deserve it. >> reporter: about 800,000 federal workers are expected to be hit. the office of management and budget have already told agencies to prepare staffers for a shutdown. some workers still don't know if they will report to work monday. >> my supervisor will tell me if i should come to work or not. >> reporter: individual agencies will inform employees. with bare bones staffing, the public will feel the pinch too. paper tax returns won't be processed delaying potential refunds and the smithsonian's doors will be closed. >> i think that is a shame. people right now, the economy is bad. they can't go without paychecks. a lot of people live paycheck to paycheck. >> a lot of people that work in congress and the house need to get out and walk around and talk to real people. >> reporter: whether furloughed workers eventually get paid is up to congress and it is no guarantee. president obama also saying last night that is all going to
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require a sufficient sense of urgency in order to get something passed, in order to avoid a government shutdown but this continuing resolution that republicans want to try to push forward, this one-week legislation just to keep the government running, president obama says it is pretty much dead on arrival. it is not something that they are on board with. they are looking for a longer term solution so still the debate and the battle continues here on capitol hill again this morning. back to you. >> indeed it does. thank you. here in the district, if the government does shut down, we have a list of what will and won't remain in service. police, fire and 911 will remain in siives. public schools and charter schools will also remain open but all dmv offices will shut down. d-d.o.t. will have a skeletal crew on duty for emergency repairs only. are you teen -- routine maintenance will stop. the threat of the shutdown
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also looming on one of the biggest tourist weekends. hundreds of thousands expected to be in d.c. for the cherry blossom festival and the parade. we talked to organizers about their plans. >> if the government shuts down, national park service has just told us that they cannot -- won't be able to honor our permits and we won't be able to do the parade with the national park service. >> festival organizer say d.c. police also control part of the parade route. if park police can't honor the permits, they will work to rearrange the routes on to the streets that are controlled by d.c. police. another big story we're following, a violent night in the district. deadly gunfire. >> we are actually following several shooting throughout the city overnight. details coming up next as we check more headlines. stay with us. it is eight minutes past 5:00. ♪ hello sunshine, sweet as you can be ♪
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we check headlines this morning. it was a violent night in the district as d.c. police now investigating four separate shootings in the city. the first one just before 9:30 in the 1200 block of brentwood road northeast where police say two men were shot. both suffered minor injuries. then about 15 minutes later, a man was shot and killed in the
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700 block of quincy street northwest. around 10:00 p.m., there was a shooting in the 900 bach of waller place in southeast. one man was killed. the other is in critical condition. another shooting in southeast, this one just before midnight on yuma street. police say two men were shot and killed there. authorities have no suspects at this time. more standardized testing under way in d.c. public schools and beefed-up efforts to prevent grade tampering. that is next. what is making you so sad? >> becausen tells me i'm too small to be the governor of new jersey. >> he pleaded his case in this youtube video and he got his wish. the five-year-old governor. i cannot wait to see this one. tony? >> also coming up, we've got a look at what is happening with the weather conditions and julie wright is here.
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she will tell us what is happening on the roadway. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back. 
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a beautiful day shaping up out there. got a lot of news coming out of the district. the government shut downbe we'll talk much more about that today. of course, all your stories too, top weather and your road conditions. before we do that, take a look at this. >> why are you crying? >> because i want to be the governor and i can't. >> it turns out, yeah, he can. the that video of that little guy and his twin brother went viral. he was upset tase too small to be governor but now, well, he is all smiles. new jersey governor chris
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christie named jessie honorary governor of the state. his brother brandon was honorary lieutenant governor. >> that is great. apparently, chris crist resaid he could go up against the afl- cio. >> that is so adorable. >> they are going to treasure that when they get older. >> the age of youtube. >> funny stuff though. at five years old, you know you want to do he go. >> so random though. we'll have a better day today. >> awesome. >> yesterday was not bad. turned out very nice. temperatures in the 60s as expected. we'll show you the temperatures across the region. it is interesting to note that the temperatures vary widely
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this morning. the gap is narrowing right now. 43 in gaithersburg. 57 in fredericksburg so that is a pretty wide gap had in temperatures from north to south with the warmer air being down to our south. have no fear, we'll see a good amount of warm air in place for us for today. satellite-radar picture for the region. we've got mostly clear skies this morning. there are a couple of clouds there you can see across the washington area getting a little bit of cloud cover at this moment and that will continue to push off to the east. there is a little frontal boundary up to our north. some rain showers with that. that should remain to our north until tonight and it sinks down southward and it does bring us some precipitation. we've got a lot of clear sky across the eastern united states and we'll see a good a sunshine here today. let me show you the if -- surface map. there is that frontal boundary to the north. might drag a few clouds through here and there. most of the precipitation with
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it will remain to the north until it sinks southward later on tonight and that will give is a cooler day tomorrow. noticeably cooler and with periods of rain, it will be a chilly rain. not going to be the most pleasant day of the week by any stretch of the imagination. so the forecast for today, a good one. partly sunny skies. a mild afternoon. 70degrees for your high. not bad at all. for tonight, the clouds roll in. showers develop. right now, we think those showers developovernight low, 4 that is not bad either. for your five-day forecast, check it out. today, good day. tomorrow, showers, clouds, cool, 55 degrees. saturday, i think we start with some showers. 60 for saturday, not too bad. sunday, into the low 70s. mostly cloudy, chaps of a shower or two on sunday. monday, 80s but a chance of some showers and thunderstorms during the course of the day. that is what is happening with the weather. now, let's get more on this morning's rush hour traffic. for that, we go to julie wright.
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>> you just made me laugh because you said today is a good day and i thought of ice cube. he is singing about a good day. >> i like that song. i haven't heard it in a long time. >> we'll see if we can get i request for you. lanes are open traveling in from manassas. still at speed headed in towards centerville. overnight construction cleared at the hot lane zone. southbound 270 picking up the usual suspects headed out towards the truck scale. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. the latest round of standardized testing now under way in d.c. public schools. already, some irregularities have cropped up. these are the observation sheets the monitors are required to fill out and some reported they note id something unusual. no cheating has been confirmed. new procedures are now in place to rye to reduce the risk. we get more from audrey barnes. >> reporter: d.c. public
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schools give 90,000 standardized tests a year. it is a ma'am mought task to keep all the forms an answers secure. with an investigation under hua because of high numbers -- with an investigation under way because of high numbers of erasures on tests. >> the head of state appear office of assessment and beingability saws they will be doing random unanunsd spot checks at 70 schools. >> we're going to show up again, unannounced at various time of the day, either during testing or even in the afternoon when that is finished. >> reporter: state officials just trained about 400 people to be monitors at school test sites. all testing material will now be kept in a secure room that only the principal and a test
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coordinator have access to. and again, this year, sealed test book lets. this parment with four kids in d.c. public schools doesn't think the security measures go far enough. >> there are a lot of loopholes and gaps, a lot of things they are saying that they've done have not to me as a parent satisfied what is going on as far as cheating on a test. >> reporter: d.c. schools chancellor kaya henderson has asked for an independent investigation of test irregularities. new school board member patrick mara says it is a step in the right direction. >> kaya henderson referred the matter to the inspector general and that is what i'm waiting on. as long as we have the procedures if place for this testing period, we should move ahead. have you ever tried to trace your family roots in up next a record dating back to the civil war now just a mouse click away. >> details on how this information could help your family research. stay with us. we have more information coming up. 
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if you're one of the millions of americans researching your ancestry, there is a whole world of new information opening up today. >> records from the civil war now available on the internet. until now, you could only see them at the national archives. paul wagner has more on what the records can tell you. >> the union fought back. >> reporter: in the early 1860s, the u.s. and confederate government generated millions of documents. many of them still exist today safely preserved by the national archives. in order to see them, you had to travel to washington. that is until
5:26 am
agreed to take on the task of scanning them into files for all to see. >> there are over 25 million civil war records now but speci today, for the first time online, ancestry is posting the u.s. civil war draft registration cards. these are three million records of essentially the adult male population in the north between 1863 and 1865. >> reporter: the records will be free for the public for one week beginning thursday. after that, there is a fee. ken burns, who spent countless hours at the national archives researching his documentary on the civil war says he was he is overwhelmed by what he could find there. >> realized that whatever we brought back, however long the series, we would only be scratching the surface of the records that are stored here and the kind of gloaries, both obvious and discoverable that are part of the national archives. >> reporter: burns says he
5:27 am
found records from his own family, his great, great grandfather. >> it was a stunning discovery. he fought for captain mcclanahan's company of virginia horse artillery. >> reporter: the records being digitized provide more than just a name and date. >> the list prorides wonderful information about the individuals, their occupation, their residence, their marital status. just a great wealth of information to the social historian or the genologist. >> paul wagner, fox 5 news. the alleged leader of one of the nation's most powerful gangs stands before a jury now. still head, guilty or not guilty? sarah is following our big story of possible government shutdown. >> >> reporter: a late night meeting at the white house. did both sides agree on
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he was a young guy in the day. >> riding in my car. >> lean back. i can't see that one bit but i'll say okay, if you say so. >> i think tony was still rocking the minivan. >> the baby seat in the back seat. >> no, no, no. >> just kidding. >> a nice day. >> not a lot going on out there. a couple of clouds in the sky but a very nice temperature later on today. nothing to show you here really but up to the north, there are some showers moving across pennsylvania and even a little frozen precipitation. we're done with all of that. now, that is a frontal boundary up there that will gradually sink southward and once it does, it will bring us some rain as well but not until late tonight during the overnight hours, that kind of situation. right now, current conditions being reported at reagan national airport, 47 degrees. relative humidity, 77%. winds are out of the northeast at eight miles per hour. your day planner for today,
5:32 am
couple of clouds here and there but plenty of sunshine. high temperatures today above normal. look for a high in the upper 60s it right around 70 degrees -- to right around 70 degrees. nice day. we'll have more information for you in just a little bit. >> julie, see what you got started there with the ice cube song. was nice to hear that. >> i'm telling you. that's how we do it here in the mornings. that is why you have to come back in the morning. >> i'm liking it a lot. >> how is that baby liking it. >> rocking out too. kicking me every minute. >> no one kicking and screaming on the roads. but the volume is increasing as you guys continue southbound along 270 working your way south of 109 headed out to the scales. the land open as you guys continue southbound working your way out towards clarksburg. no problems to report south of
5:33 am
germantown headed for the lane divide. 295 kenilworth avenue is quiet leaving 50 headed out towards good hope road. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. our big story this morning, the possible government shutdown. it would be tomorrow night. negotiators have been burning the midnight oil trying to come up with a deal to keep the government running. >> they are trying to avoid a government shutdown this weekend. we'll get the latest now from sarah simmons who is live on capitol hill. >> reporter: republicans are still bound and determined to push through this one-week legislation, this continuing resolution to keep the government up and running but the problem here is that democrats are really calling this a nonstarter, dead on arrival. so they are at an impasse still at this point and no agreement. here is where we stand right now. if there is a government shutdown, it would directly affect 800,000 federal workers. several government offices who close. also, parks and museums. but there are essential employees that would still be
5:34 am
required to show up to work. that is your law enforcement and military personnel. the focus right now today is going to be in the house where republicans are planning to vote on that one-week legislation. in it is a full year's budget for the pentagon but there are big cuts for domestic spending. even for the republican- controlled house is able to get this pushed through, this would then have to go through the senate and the democratically controlled senate says this isn't going much. anywhere. >> it who be inexcusable given the relatively narrow differences when it comes to numbers between the two parties that we can't get this done. there is no reason why we should not able to complete a deal. there is no reason why we should have a government shutdown unless we have made a decision that politics is more important. >> reporter: but as can you tell, politics are definitely at play here. because the republicans know, if they are able to get it through the house, they know it
5:35 am
won't go much of anywhere in the democratically controlled senate. therefore, they can put the blames on the democrats for not being able to push this through to avoid a shutdown. back to you. >> thank you. the impact from a government freeze who put some program on hold. the irs won't process paper returns or tax audits. nih won't accept new patients for clinical trials and no new trials would start. the fha would hold approval on small business loans. also, most federal government web sites will shut down. here in the district, if the government shuts down, police, fire and 911 will remain in service. public schools and charter schools will stay hope. but all dmv offices will shut down. d-d.o.t. will have a skeleton crew on duty for emergency repairs only. routine maintenance will stop and the smithsonian museums and national parks who close. metro riders will still able to get around. the transit agency says even for the shutdown goes into effect at midnight on friday,
5:36 am
trains will keep running on a normal schedule to serve nongovernment commuters and visitors. one possible change, metro says if ridership drops, it may operate more of the shorter trains to match demand and save some money. we've got everything you need to know about the possible shutdown online at go to our home page and once you are there, click where it says government shutdown. you will find all the stories we've done on the possible shutdown under that tab. the first story to come up is how will the government shutdown impact you? if you click on that, you will find a short questionnaire. we'd love to hear from you about what your agency is telling butt shutdown and how you are preparing for it. -- is telling you about the shutdown and how you are preparing for it. the alleged lead are of one of the nation's most powerful gangs stands before a jury. up next, guilty or not guilty. we are checking more headlines. first, we'll check the
5:37 am
markets though. wall street as up barely. dow was up about 32 points yesterday. just up a fraction for the nasdaq. the nikkei in japan up about 6 1/2 points. other global markets are up despite portugal's request for a bailout. we'll talk more business coming up. i
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making headline this morning, gunfire at an alabama
5:40 am
college and the suspect returns to the scene. police say 4-year-old thomas franklin may opened fire on this minuteee van his estranged wife was in outside southern union community college yesterday. she, another woman and a young child were hurt. >> a 63-year-old woman was killed. several hours later, may pulled hundredies in car and walked up to reporters and photographers and told them he was the person police were looking for. members of the media called police and he was arrested. a chicago jury has convicted the alleged top leader of one most powerful drug gangs in the country. 51-year-old agugustin zanbrano showed no emotion when the verdict was read. the almighty latin king nation is the biggest hispanic street gang in the united states. the nfl and the players union met in minnesota. it is the first time they met since the lockout. only this time, it was in the courtroom. a federal judge will rule on the legality after the lockout.
5:41 am
a decision is expected to take a couple of weeks still. judge did take time to urge both sides to resume negotiations and try to end the impasse. other courtroom action, the perjury and obstruction of justice case against barry bonds could go to the jury today. the defense rested without calling a single witness yesterday. closing arguments start today. the jury will start its deliberation. the federal judge dropped one of the personallery causes against bonds but the home run king still faces four other counts. the washington caps hitting their stride as they head towards the playoffs. up next, which team would make the best first round opponent for the caps. we're talking to the sports junkies. how is this? an entire house sliding off its foundation. a real nice one for today. as
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you are watching fox 5 morning news. taxing a look now at reagan national airport. don't see any planes taking off and landing just yet but there are sure are lots of people getting on their way this thursday morning. now, a look at some stories here. gravity having its way with this house in washington state. the house is shifting down a
5:45 am
very steep slope. you can see how the bottom of, it particularly the garage doors are now suspended in the air and the back of the home sinks. the home owners have evacuated and officials are working to keep residents and others safe with warning signs and caution tape. wow! a bad situation. >> man! >> not what you want to see, that's for sure. >> not at all. >> the whole foundation shifting. mr.perkins, you have some good news for us today. >> yes, i do. it will be a fine day today. we're going to see weather conditions that i think everyone will enjoy. it will be second best day of the week after that 85-degree day on monday. today, we should see -- >> it seems so long ago. >> it really does. enjoy today because changes tomorrow are likely. wet weather tomorrow and cooler temperatures too. so here we go. here is a look at the temperatures across the area. right now, in d.c., it is 47
5:46 am
degrees. let's see, annapolis. 46degrees there. frederick, maryland is at 39 degrees. fredericksburg, 55 degrees. so quite a variety in our temperature this morning. colder air to the north. warmer air to the south. satellite-radar composite for the morning, we'll show you we've got -- a won't say mostly clear skies. we have overcast skies right now. that will change shortly. we have a lot of secure sky out to the west. the clouds pushing off to the east. and again, nothing to worry about for today. there is a frontal boundary well to the north that is producing some rain showers across portions of pennsylvania as you can see there. that front gradually sinks southward. we'll have a nice day today but then tonight, the front come through, starts to drop our temperatures and bring some rain showers into the region as well. let's take a look at the futurecast. this is our super-duper megafuturecast and that is
5:47 am
showing you the clouds we have. during the course of the day, things are fine. couple of clouds here and there but we'll see plenty of sunshine during the day today. by tomorrow morn, it is cloudy. and we have rain showers. according to this, they are just off to the south and west and off to the west by tomorrow morning so perhaps during the rush hour, we won't be getting rain. we'll have to wait to see how that drops. during the day and into tomorrow night, rain showers across the region. couple of spots of heavy rain as well. that could linger into early saturday morning. by saturday afternoon, we start to clear things out but it will take some time for that to happen. the forecast for today looks like this. partly sunny skies, a mild afternoon, 70 degrees for your high today. not bad at all. some of you will top out in the upper 60s but you'll get close. for tonight, mostly cloudy, showers possibly developing during the overnight hours. overfight low in town, 48 degrees. five-day forecast, we showed you tomorrow being rainy day. cool, 55 degrees, early showers on saturday.
5:48 am
partial clearing on saturday during the afternoon. 06degrees for your high. sunday, mostly cloudy, slight chance of a shower, 73 degrees. monday into the 80s with a chance of thunderstorms. all in all, today will be a good day. now, let's find out what is happening with traffic. for that, we go to julie wright. >> all right. on the roads, you will find lanes are open with no incidents reported as you travel the beltway between an and del and merrifield. traffic behaving nicely there. top side outer loop still at speed. no problems reported as you work your way around from college park headed over towards 270. southbound 270 busy on the top side, delays forming approaching and passing 109. # 95 trouble free. no incidents to report on 95 leaving dumfries headed up towards the occoquan. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. the opening round of the master's kicks off today and the caps on the brink of clinching the top seed in the east. let's join the sports junkies this morning from 106.7 the fan. >> good morn, steve.
5:49 am
>> everybody feeling better today? >> much better, thank you very much. >> i think everybody is on the mends. >> just in time to watch golf today. without tiger being the favorite, a little bit of a letdown. >> he is still the favorite in vegas. phil is about 12-1. >> they have a great stat about how well tiger has done at the master's. last year, he finance issued tied for fourth. in his last six master's', he has won it, identified to third, tied for second be fin you bed second alonened tied for sixth and tied for fourth. hasn't finished who is than sixth in the last six tournaments. >> he hasn't won a tournament and he has a new swing coach
5:50 am
and a new putter. it is fun to watch phil mickelson as well ysm rickey fowler has been there for a couple of week playing. he will play well. it won't be just the big guns playing well at the master's this week. >> i buy into what you are asaying about the young guns and everything else. but you know, tiger for so long, you watched him because he was dominating. last year, it was all the tmz cameras were in augusta taking over the town. this year, it doesn't seem like it has that it factor, at least not yet. >> i think it starts today at 10:41 when tiger tees off. >> do you think he can win it? >> i think he absolutely can win it i can't i don't think he can. >> i think he can. as i mentioned, six straight top sixes in his last six years. there is something special about this course.
5:51 am
have you to have the experience. he's got t i think he will be in the hunt. i love this time of year. it signals the start of spring. girl running around in their sun dresses soon. it is amazing. >> i do want he no how we went from golf to that but if that what works for you, more power to you. cakes, let me put this out to you since wear talking hockey. caps best match-up in the playoff who be against who in the first round? >> well, it wouldn't be against the new york rangers. that is one of the teams that they hook like they might be facing. the rangerss 3-1 against the washington capitals this season. i don't know if i want to play the buffalo sabres with miller in the net. maybe montreal. they are not the same team as last year. terry price can be vulnerable. i would say that montreal would be the best first-round match- up for the capitals. >> maybe you want to hope the carolina hurricanes come back
5:52 am
and take the eighth spot from the rangers in the east. i would rather may carolina than any of the other teams. >> as long as they're there and near the top, that is what matters. we'll let you get back to talking about sun dresses now. enjoy the tournament. notice anything odd when you unload your dishwasher, perhaps dishes coming out looking not so clean. for some people, it is happening more and more often and they're talking about it. the reason has nothing to do with the actual dishwasher. we'll explain and give a simple solution if you are having this problem. try to help you out. 
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our facebook fan of the day is katherine pledger. she says she wake up every morning at 5:45 to watch the show. good morning. looking at her beautiful face there as our facebook fan of the day. thank you for sending your your request to us. if you want to be tomorrow's fan of date, find us on facebook by searching fox 5 morning news. there is no space between fox and the number 5 and post a comment under katherine's photo. have you ever noticed your dishes air little less crystal clear every time you unload the dishwasher. the problem may not be your dishwasher but rather what is not in your dish washing
5:56 am
detergent. >> it's problem popping up in a lot of places. we have the solution had costs just a few cents a week. >> reporter: the trusty dish walker, automated, a fightly chore. >> we love our dishwashers. >> reporter: just not lately. reese be thely this reliable kitchen appliance has become guess work. >> my wife thought we need a new dishwasher. >> reporter: even after a full cycle, supposedly clean dishes are chalky, coated in a film that won't wash away. paula barka is hearing from lots of us. >> they say that is what's going on. >> reporter: what is going on? >> no ph.d. in chemistry. >> it is the soap. >> dr. martin has determined our deternlgent is likely the culprit, not our dishwasher. back in july, several states banned phosphate from dish soap. turns out a spotless china cabinet demands the chemical magic of phosphate. >> without it, the calcium and hard water gets converted to
5:57 am
limestone on your dishes. while we like that our buildings, we don't want it on our dishes >> how do we fight this? professor martin recommends a simple solution. adding a spoonful of lemon or lime juice to each load. chemically speaking, it is just enough citric acid to dissolve calcium. in the event you are toasting yourself, thinking you haven't seen the telltale signs just yet, i have a warning. i'm going to be a party pooper. it is possible you're still using old suds with phosphates. next time you buy a box or bottle. >> you just might be come maining just like everybody else. >> reporter: at least now you know what to do. >> all right. interesting. there is a simple solution. straight ahead at 6:00, high gas prices may be turning
5:58 am
into good news for some merchants. a real sign of the times. the latest on the possible government shutdown, how it could affect the economic recovery process. stay with us.  hey! you want that? you want a warm, super-delicious strawberry toaster strudel yeah but now i have nothing to eat sure you do. hey! you can have the pop tart! pillsbury toaster strudel. the one kids want to eat than listening there'to our favorite songs. there's nothing we love more than listening to our favorite songs. but our favorite thing is eating totino's pizza rolls. but our favorite thing is eating totino's pizza rolls. ♪ we're the kids in america ♪ oh, oh, oh
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